Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

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What is past life regression?


In short, past life regression is the practice of exploring potential past lives through hypnosis, otherwise called hypnotic regression.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps people explore memories that are tucked away from earlier in their lives. In the past several decade, hypnotherapists have found that people will regress further than their current lifetime. When a person is regressed in to a past life, the memories and information they experience can be quite extraordinary.

How does past life regression work?

Past life memories can be accessed in a state of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist will generally do relaxation exercises for a while until the subject goes into a trance state (explained more below). Then, guided imagery is used to take the subject to their past lives.

Hypnotherapists will use techniques such as taking a subject down a hallway that represents time, with doors in the hallway that represent past lives. As the subject walks down the hallway, they will open a door and then have access to past life memories.

You must be thinking… “Is it really that easy? And couldn’t I just do that myself? Well, yes and no. The key to making past life regression work is getting the thinking mind out of the way so that the subconscious information can flow into awareness.

People have two minds, essentially – conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind handles almost everything that makes a person human. This includes the person’s ego, when they worry about things, when they analyze what they should have for dinner, etc.

The subconscious mind is what surprises many people. This is where much of your creativity and inspirations comes from. The subconscious mind has many different layers, but it includes all memories from earlier in life. In theory, when a person dies, their current life memories do not die with them. The soul takes these memories and experiences with it. Therefore when the conscious mind is quieted the subconscious memories, which include past life memories, can began to surface into awareness.

Relaxation is essential to past life regression. For the process to work, the subject needs to first relax so that the conscious mind doesn’t interfere and analyze the information coming from the subconscious. Past life regression therapists use a set of techniques so that the subject is relaxed, yet fully aware. The subject usually feels like they are the state right before falling asleep, except still very aware of what is going on.

Many people describe the feeling to be as if they were watching their own thoughts happen. This is actually pretty accurate. The conscious mind is observing as the subconscious thoughts come into awareness. This is the “sweet spot” of consciousness where past life regression is possible.

How is past life regression useful?

Past life regression is useful for a number of purpose, which include physical and emotional wellness. When a traumatically past life memory is visited, there is often a level of healing that happens. For example, a person who commonly experiences migraines might find that in a past life they died from a fatal wound to their head. In re-experiencing this memory, they may find that their migraines mysteriously disappear.

It’s not known exactly why this form of past life regression works so well for physical and emotional healing, but if you talk to a good hypnotherapist who has practiced for many years they will say, “It just works.” If you look at it from a soul perspective, one could theorize that once the soul is healed, the person is healed. There are many theories to explain why past life regression works, but regardless of the reason why, the outcomes are what really matter.

Guided past life regression, by Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss is one of the pioneers in past life regression who helped to bring the practice into a more mainstream light. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and has published many books on past life regression. In the video below, Weiss explains a little bit about past lives and does a past life exercise, or guides past life regression.

You can get a feel for what a past life regression experience might be like, but don’t expect. Past life regressions often takes hours of hypnotherapy across several sessions.

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